DIY Drones Micro FPV Quadcopter Indoor FPV Proximity

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DIY Drones Micro FPV Quadcopter Indoor FPV Proximity

DIY Drones DM002 Micro FPV Quadcopter is a brilliant project. If you like to build Micro Quadcopters or drones, this is the right project for you. DM002 comes as parts and kit in a box for you to do it yourself build it and enjoy the amazing FPV flight performance, FPV Whooping inside your house. Build is straight forward and easy. Instructions are clear. And the final product delivers powerful FPV flight performance. DM002 DIY Quadcopter if you build it right, will offer 3 speed flight modes for Fast agile flights for FPV Racing and indoor proximity. Not only that, DM002 offers very fast and stable flips and rolls for you to add the flavor of aerobatics to your FPV Flights. Supplied small battery offers a couple of minutes fast FPV Flights for your enjoyment. DM002 is a tough kit. Do not worry about crashes. Just pick it up and start flying if you crashed. Supplied All in FPV Video System delivers solid video link and you can even set it to its full power for better and solid video transmission across your house. FPV Video System fits right on top of Quadcopter frame and angle is adjustable for your style of flights. All in all, if you are looking for having the pleasure to build your own Micro Indoor FPV proximity Quadcopter that delivers superb flight performance, you have just found it. Get yourself a DM002 DIY Drone today and you won’t regret your choice. Don’t forget to order more batteries because you won’t be getting enough of this Quadcopter flights.

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