Crash testing the XK Mini Edge A-430 RC Airplane

What do you think this Crash testing the XK Mini Edge A-430 RC Airplane video?

Crash testing the XK Mini Edge A-430 RC Airplane

XK Edge A430 is indestructible Mini RC Plane. It is a tough and durable RC plane built to take crashes. XK Mini Edge A-430 is a 3D 6G Gyro Stabilized RC Aerobatics plane that offers superb flight performance and flight endurance. With its 6G Stabilization system, it’s very easy to fly and or learn to fly for beginners and intermediate to advance RC Pilots can switch to 3D mode for Aerobatics flight. While 6G mode offers very stable and easy flight, 3D mode offers gyro stabilization and aerobatics move all together for an extra fun flight. Powered with a 300mAh 7.4v battery, XK Edge A-430 offers normal flight times up to 15 minutes easily and an 8 to 10 minutes of aerobatics flights. XK Edge A-430 is compatible with S-FHSS Futaba Frequency Protocol and you can easily bind this mini RC Plane to your Futaba Radios. XK Edge A-430 is a fun RC Plane, very stable to fly and perform aerobatics, and very crash resistant too. With its small size, it is easy to transport and store. Just toss it on the dash board of your car and you can enjoy flying it anywhere. This is two thumbs up, highly recommended plane for all RC Edge Plane and RC Aerobatics plane lovers. If you are moving up from RC Trainers, this is a best next step to buy and learn to fly RC Aerobatics.

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