DJI Mavic Killer Simtoo Dragonfly 4K Follow Me Drone

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DJI Mavic Killer Simtoo Dragonfly 4K Follow Me Drone

DJI Mavic Killer or not but for sure SIMTOO Dragonfly Drone Pro Your Personal Aerial Photographer packs some serious features in its compact folding body. When folded, SIMTOO Dragonfly is extremely easy to be put into any of your backpack for easy transportation. With a creative 8-channel smart GPS watch you can control all the smart flight features of your drone including Auto Take off / Land / Return, Hover, Follow Me, Point of Interest, Panoramic Shot, Gimbal Pan and Tilt Controls and even manual flight using a smart joystick on GPS watch. All in easy access and no need to use or carry a big Radio control. Dragonfly Pro offers a 25 minutes of flight time on single charge and you can easily get amazing good aerial shots using its Follow me feature with Smart GPS Wristwatch. 4K UHD onboard camera and 3 axis stabilized gimbals not only provide stable videos and pictures but also live WIFI video up to 30 meters. Now that is a short distance for a live video but that is all you will need to get best shots out of this drone in Follow me feature. Retailing only for 399$ this drone sure has its charms with all those cool smart flight features, 4K Camera, carrying case and all the goodies you will need to fly this personal aerial photographer of yours. This is a detailed unboxing and features review of Simtoo Dragonfly. Flight testing videos will follow soon.

Dragonfly Drone

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