JXD 515W “INVADERS” WIFI FPV “Inductrix” clone, Review & Flight

What do you think this JXD 515W “INVADERS” WIFI FPV “Inductrix” clone, Review & Flight video?

JXD 515W

Review and flight test of the new JXD 515W “Invaders” Blade Inductrix clone.
($49.75 when using coupon code “RC18OFF” at checkout.)

-Nice looking Blade Inductrix clone
-FPV works pretty well, not terribly laggy
-wi-fi camera is removable
-auto lands extremely well
-decent flight time of 6 mins
-executes 360 flips well
-can be flown indoor or out
-2s lipo and ducted fans provide plenty of thrust
-2s lipo has balance plug
-LED’s are bright despite their small size, can see in full sunlight

-very noisy
-controller sticks are long, thumb flyers may prefer shorter sticks
-can tend to want to lower in altitude at times but very minor

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HUGE THANKS to Robin Savage from Pegasus Producciones http://www.pegasuspro.es for the amazing intro!!!!!! Please visit his website if you need any video production work.

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