Kid amazes Dad with his drone flying skills

What do you think this Kid amazes Dad with his drone flying skills video?

Kid amazes Dad with his drone flying skills

Today my 6 years old little Kid Arish simply amazed me with his Drone Flying Skills. I gave him the new Syma X20 Pocket Drone and I thought I would have to walk him step by step and was expecting many crashes. But Masha Allah, he took off and simply amazed me with his drone piloting skills. Arish has built various drone flight orientations very well including nose in, side in which are the most difficult for many RC Beginners. I am so proud of him and I am hoping that from now on he will take more interest in flying little RC drones and get to FPV Flights soon so we can finally start indoor FPV Races. So much looking forward to seeing my little pilot to master the skills even better than me and start making the drone reviews from now on. Now for the Pocket drone, yes Syma X20 Pocket Drone is a tiny little quadcopter that packs some nice features and fun performance in its little body. Syma X20 Pocket drone is very stable and extremely easy to fly drone for all beginners. Syma X20 offers one key take off and land, 6 axis gyro, headless mode, altitude hold and aerobatics. Syma X20 does not offer any complex features like every other drone in the market. No Smart devices control, no cameras. Just pure old school little Quadcopter that is loads of fun to fly around and play with. If you are looking for a Fun little quadcopter either to learn to fly or just for the sake of indoor flying fun when weather is bad, you have got to get one Syma X20 Pocket Drone. Looking for more fun, I am sure you can convert it to a FPV Tiny Whoop easily. Or just go for some old-school drone battle with your friends and family members flying two of these Syma X20 Pocket drones.

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