Giant Agricultural Spray Drone Maiden Flight Testing

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Giant Agricultural Spray Drone Maiden Flight Testing

XA AGR-4 is an intelligent and powerful Quadcopter Drone designed to carry 10 liters of Liquid Pesticide or Fertilizers and Spray them efficiently for Crops. AGR-4, With its intelligent Specialized Agricultural Flight Controller running high precision sensors and advanced industrial algorithm, AGR-4 offers Intelligent crop protection spray operation modes. AGR-4 makes crop protection precise, more efficient and very cost effective. With a single full tank of Crop Protection Liquid, AGR-4 can spray approximately 1.6 acres of area and Can fly and spray Full Tank twice on fully charged batteries. Saving you time and effort to land, change batteries and or charge batteries often.

With its Intelligent Flight modes and highly efficient Industrial Grade Crop Protection Algorithm, AGR-4 is very user friendly and offers various flights modes to assist in crop protection liquid spray operations. AGR-4 offers Solid GPS position hold, Altitude hold, Assisted Takeoff and landing, Intelligent forward flight and line control for spraying patterns, Auto Return to home and land, Spraying Pump Control and many more rich features including full autonomous flight crop spray patterns using Ground Control Station.

AGR-4 folding design makes it very easy to transport and store and deployment and folding back to storage takes only few minutes. AGR-4 is geared towards single person operation for maximum output and maximum Crops Protection Spray Efficiency.

XA AGR-4 is your personal Crop Protection Spraying Companion.

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