Another Tiny Whoop Clone Nihui NH-010 FPV Quadcopter

What do you think this Another Tiny Whoop Clone Nihui NH-010 FPV Quadcopter video?

Another Tiny Whoop Clone Nihui NH-010 FPV Quadcopter

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NiHui NH-010 is another FPV Tiny Whoop Clone from Chinese manufacturers. NH010 comes complete ready to fly and Ready to FPV Right outside the box. Key features are just standard features that are offered in every such tiny Toy grade quadcopter. FPV Camera and Video Transmitter is an added feature that turns this quad into a micro FPV Quadcopter. However, being a brushed version, this quadcopter is still under powered compared to other quads in same category. Eachine E011 is still the bestest and most powerful, still the winner when it comes to toy grade FPV Quadcopter or FPV Tiny Whoop clones. Again, its good to have choices in market. NiHui NH-010 does have some Pros in its pocket. It’s a complete ready to fly Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter, and with a FPV System protected in a nice, tough, streamlined cover over the quadcopter that protects the quadcopter and the FPV System itself. Quadcopter has enough power, good flight endurance for a nice 5 minutes to 6 minutes of Indoor FPV Whooping around your house. Its stable, and agile. All in all, it is a good product to go with, if you do not want to buy separate FPV Systems and do soldering, NiHui NH010 is a great choice to fly FPV right outside the box. And not to mention, its very crash proof 😊

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