DRL Racer3 and Pixy Stix

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DRL Racer3 and Pixy Stix

DRL manages a fleet of more than 500 identical Racer3 drones. The Racer3 goes 0-80 MPH in less than a second, and between races DRL tests the motors, LEDs and agility of the drones while creating Drone Art.

The Racer3 will be featured in DRL Season 2, the Allianz World Championship Circuit, features 16 of the world’s top pilots competing in 6 races through one-of-a-kind 3D courses. Cities include Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Boston, Munich and London.

Season 2 comes to ESPN, Sky Sports, 7Maxx, OSN, DisneyXD, and other broadcast partners around the world in June 2017.

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