Hubsan H501A Waypoint Flying FPV Drone Flight Test Review

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Hubsan H501A Waypoint Flying FPV Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless GPS quadcopter’s waypoint flying feature enables you to video survey large areas by merely drawing a desired route on a map. Buy it here
Can quickly and easily plan flight routes by merely drawing an outline of the route on a map. A data connec tion is not needed when flying in remote locations.

– Using the X-Hubsan app, merely draw the desired route on your smartphone, click submit, takeoff, and press done to send your quadcopter off on its mission.
– Data coonnection is not required if you wish to fly in remote locations. Just open the app at home while connected to your home’s WiFi. Then open the app’s map view, and slide to the desired area that you wish to fly. Zoom in on the area to the desired resolution, and slide around the area for all potential locations that you wish to fly. The map will be saved to the app’s cache, and will automatically load in the app when out flying in the field.
– With the provided relay, the FPV video range and control range are quite large. You can actually plan and fly long distance flight routes.
– Can select varied heights between waypoints to avoid obstacles along the route.
– The quadcopter by default will point its camera along the directtion of flight. But you can select a specific point of interest, and the camera will instead be focused on that point throughout the entire route. This enables panning flyby’s of objects or features on the ground.
– Much more of flight time as compared to the similar H507A. You should easily be able to do several missions on a battery charge. Spare batteries are cheap and plentiful if you wish to continue flying.

– Can’t plan a mission while the quadcopter is in the air.
– Flight planning requires a specific sequential series of steps. If you miss a step, the quadcopter will not proceed on its mission. You’ll need to 1) land, 2) select Draw, 3) draw the flight route on the map, 4) click Submit, 5) select takeoff, then once in the air 6) click Done to start the mission.

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