Hyper Floss // BF perfect tune?

What do you think this Hyper Floss // BF perfect tune? video?

Hyper Floss // BF perfect tune?

Dinner was a little late tonight so I ran off to the neighborhood school to get some packs in.

This is my best representation of what BF is like with PT1 and both notch filters off. So far the Floss is the only frame I can do that with. Also running a Panda 1000 and getting about 3 minutes of runtime with this style of flying.

If you haven’t tried the GF 5152 for freestyle yet you should… they’re super smooth like a 5040 on the low end.

– Hyper Floss proto
– Gemfan 5152
– Emax RS2306 2400kv
– Emax Bullet 30
– BF F3
– xsr
– Unify Race
– Runcam Swift
– X4r antenna for video cut down to 12.92mm
– Panda 1000 4s

– 35v 1000uf cap
– piroflip bobbins
– Brain3D Floss session mount
– Thrust-UAV Lipo Strap

View it on Airvuz – https://www.airvuz.com/video/Hyper-Floss–BF-perfect-tune?id=590c8c4d163eb92f3abfa964

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