“Super” s800 Maiden Flight // Balsa Elevons

What do you think this “Super” s800 Maiden Flight // Balsa Elevons video?

Had a 2nd s800 sitting in my garage so I decided to have some fun with it. The main issue I notice with the s800 is there’s so much flex in the control surfaces the thing gets knocked around in any amount of wind. At least that was my theory.

So I decided to build this one with real wings parts like balsa elevons and dubro control hardware. The hardware and balsa threw the CG way off so I had to add 70g of sticky weights to the nose and battery bay.

It was a fun little project and seems to be working out! Controls are much more responsive, there’s no tail wag and best of all it doesn’t do anything I’m not expecting lol. This is only the first flight after figuring out CG and trim so we’ll have to see how it goes when the wind picks up.

– s800 Reptile
– Emax rs2306 2400kv
– Emax Bullet 35a
– APC 5.5×4.5 Pusher
– Bonka HV 1800
– FrSky D4R
– Runcam Eagle
– Aomway 200mw
– Emax Shorty Pagoda
– Turnigy 9g Servos
– 1/8″ Balsa Elevons
– Dubro Kwik Link hardware

Oh fair warning, the rs2306 2400 is getting smoking hot on the APC 5.5″ so not sure how long it will hold up. Doesn’t burn enamel but it gets to hot to touch.

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