Robot Riding Drone

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Robot Riding Drone

Robot Riding a Drone, the Eagle Eye Prober is a neat idea and super fun RC Quadcopter. Prober is a hoverbike with a Robot Riding it. It’s very stable and looks very real in the air with closer camera angles. It has 6 axis Gyro, 2.4ghz Radio Control, it can Roll and fly with 3 different speeds.

You can fly it indoors or outdoors just fine. Prober Robot Riding the drone is a very stable RC Quadcopter and perfectly suitable for beginners to learn to fly or fly just for fun. Right outside the box, its super attractive and for sure it will draw lots of attention wherever you fly it.

Prober Drone Riding the Hoverbike is so cool that you can’t get enough of flying it. Get more batteries and get ready for some good laughter, big smiles people coming to you asking where’d you get it from. Prober, is also available with a 720P WiFi FPV camera should you feel like getting some low definition pictures and videos. I personally just like the way it is. Simple fun Quadcopter to fly with a Robot riding it.

You can order the Quadcopter here

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Eagle Eye E902 PROBER offers you various options in camera customization. More importantly, with its optimized center of mass, it can hover perfectly without drifting too much. This makes it a good choice for aerial photography.

Main Features:
– Camera Customization
Three options are provided, including ordinary / WiFi / 5.8G camera. You can plan to buy whichever 2MP camera you like.
– Altitude Hold
The quadcopter can keep hovering at a certain height in mid-air, which is convenient for you to get satisfying shots.
– Headless Mode
You do not need to take its orientation into account, the UAV will always follow the movement of the joysticks.
– One Key Return
You are allowed to recall the drone within a minute, thus, the flight safety is ensured.
– 360-degree Rotation
The quadcopter performs terrific aerobatics in the sky, which is quite impressive.

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