Warlark Pro 85 Brushless Mini FPV Racing Drone PNP

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Warlark Pro 85 Brushless Mini FPV Racing Drone PNP

Warlark Pro 85 is a Mini Brushless FPV Whoop ducted fan Camera drone that offers an impressive FPV Racing and FPV Flight performance. Warlark Pro 95 being a ducted fan is fantastic and a powerful Brushless FPV whoop that you can enjoy flying both indoors and outdoors in same capacity. Due to its ducted fan shape, it’s perfectly safe and fun to fly indoors while outdoors you can enjoy full throttle and full potential of this Mini brushless FPV Racing Quadcopter. Now you can go for some jaw dropping fast and intense indoor FPV Racing and FPV Proximity challenge course flights or you can simply FPV race with your friend’s head on outdoors. Warlark Pro 85 has a Modular design approach for easy repairs and maintenance. It has (4in1 ESC, Flight control board with built-in receiver, video transmitter board with built-in OSD and independent analog camera, 40 channels 5.8ghz FPV System), you can upgrade or replace any of the module by just plugging or pulling them out making it super easy to repair and maintain even on the drone racing field. Warlark Pro 85, offers jaw dropping accelerations, super agile controls to dodge all those tricky obstacles and is fully tweakable to suit your flying style using Betaflight. It is definitely best choice for all indoors and outdoors mini and micro drone racing leagues or simply put, for those indoor Proximity Challenge course hungry dudes like me.

For FPV Flight Recording I used Built in DVR of Eachine VR D2 Pro FPV Video Goggles You can order these Here

Order the FPV Racing Gates Here

If you cannot handle Warlark Pro 85 and find it too fast and agile, you can go with Brushed version for training. It’s superb FPV Tiny whoop as well.

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You can order the Quadcopter here.

More Features below:
1. STM32F303CCT6 main control;
2. MPU6500 sensor is connected by SPI way.
3. Double LDO;
4. 1103 brushless motor(KV6400);
5. 40mm 5-blade propeller of high efficiency.
6. The working current for each ESC on the 4in1 ESC can reach 4.5A.
7. Flight control board integrated with optional receiver (there are 3 kinds of hardware: A-CYRF6936;B-CC2500;C-A7105 )
8. Supported receiver protocols: A-DSMX/2;B-SFHSS/FRSKY;C-FLYSKY/Hubsan ( we can develop other receiver protocols according to the request of customer)
9. Online upgrading for the integrated receiver by GUI.
10. Analog video transmitter with 40 channels.
11. Its VTX power output is 25MW.
12. Online upgrading for frequency list on video transmitter.
13. 600TVL camera of 120 degree.
14. 20 degree adjustable for camera mounting.
15. Built-in buzzer.
16. Built-in BOOT switch (shared the switch for receiver binding)
17. Flight weight: 66g(including 300mAh35C2S battery)
18. Flight time: 7 minutes(500mAh7.4V)

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