Beautiful Message board night light cool mist humidifier

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Beautiful Message board night light cool mist humidifier

Smart Gadgets for your smart home. Meet this neat little gadget. This is a cool mist humidifier with colorful auto switching full 256 color spectrum night light, and florescent pen message board. It provides comfortable cool mist and creates a healthy and balanced humid environment in your house my moisturizing and refreshing the air. This lightweight and portable Humidifier has about 8 hours of operation, its totally quiet, it has full 256 color spectrum that auto switches and fades into different colors providing a beautiful romantic night light, and you can also use any highlighter pen to leave simple loving messages to your loved ones. This Humidifier sure not only is extremely useful but also brings a whole new type of beautiful and romantic environment to your house and or where ever you use it. Its USB powered so you are not limited to home only. you can power it up anywhere where ever you go, on the go, in the car, traveling, outdoors, indoors, office, you name it. Its super easy to use, its amazingly beautiful and brings a pleasant and comfortable environment to your surroundings.

You can order this Cool Mist Humidifier Night light message board here

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