2017 Best Vlogging Gear Xiaomi Mijia 3 Axis Handheld Stabilized Gimbal

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2017 Best Vlogging Gear Xiaomi Mijia 3 Axis Handheld Stabilized Gimbal

Mijia 3 axis Handheld Stabilized Gimbal is specially designed to work with Mijia 4K Action camera and becomes a complete product once you put the Camera in. If you want to get professional stabilized videos and blur free still shots with your Mijia 4K Action Camera, you must go with Mijia 3 Axis Handheld Stabilized Gimbal that is specially designed for Mijia 4k Action Camera. Once you put the Mijia 4K camera in Mijia Gimbal, you get one amazing product in your hands that will record stunning and professional looking videos and still shots for your daily adventures, work, and Vlogging. Mijia Gimbal offers 360 degree Freedom of Panning your camera so you can shoot stunning and professional Panoramas with simple ease, super fast responses with 3 Gimbal working modes including wearable, normal and sports mode. Very intuitive, well thought and well placed easy controls on your gimbal offer full control of gimbal and your camera from one platform. Once the Mijia Camera is on the gimbal, it will provide you gimbal settings as well using its 2.4inch color LCD screen so you can configure and control each and every parameter of your Gimbal and Camera. A small joystick on gimbal provides smoothest movements of your camera and gimbal for both pitch and yaw to shoot stunning stabilized videos. Gimbal can switch to selfie mode instantly by just tripple clicking the mode button using your index finger and back to forward shooting modes by double clicking. This is an extremely useful and golden feature for all Vloggers. Gimbal has a built in battery to operate for 4 hours and at the same time can charge your Mijia Action Camera as well. Mijia Gimbal is well designed and is of very high quality. You will find it worth every penny you spent on it.

I find Mijia 4K Action Camera and Mijia 3 axis stabilized gimbal to be amazing good value products. They are very well thought and well designed products, they work flawlessly together. If you are a Vlogger, or a YouTuber or you travel a lot, Mijia 4K Action Camera and Mijia 3 axis gimbal are the best vlogging gear of the year 2017. These are coming highly recommended for all vloggers and a must have if you want to do serious vlogging and traveling videos and you are on a budget.
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