Ciclop Desktop 3D Laser Scanner Complete Review

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Ciclop Desktop 3D Laser Scanner Complete Review

If you like to replicate objects and 3D print them, then you need to get yourself a 3D Laser Scanner. Like the Ciclop Desktop 3D Laser Scanner which is an open source desktop 3D scanner. The scanning accuracy is related to the environment, light, adjustments of parameters, scanned object shape and many other factors. A good post-processing is needed after the scanning. You can easily scan objects that are bigger than 5 x 5 cm. Max Object scan volume is 20 x 20 cm and less than 3kg weight. Objects with round shapes and brighter colors are scanned more accurately compared to complex objects. Smaller and transparent or darker colored objects are difficult to scan for this Scanner. This 3D scanner uses two laser pointers and a camera to acquire a 3D Scan of the object on rotating platform. Be very careful not to look or reflect laser into eyes. Overall this Laser 3D Scanner does a good job if you know how to build and tweak it right. Be ready for hours of reading and experimenting. Its a good project for those who like to tinker, learn and make things work.

You can order the 3D Scanner here

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