Eagle 120 Demo Flight LOS & FPV

What do you think this Eagle 120 Demo Flight LOS & FPV video?

Eagle 120 Demo Flight LOS & FPV

I am pleasantly surprised at how well this quad flies with these props! My guess is that these motors on 3S is powerful enough to spin these props up faster than the 1104 props on the Babyhawk and even faster than the 1105s on the Fly Egg 130! I tried these props on the Fly Egg 130 running 2S and was not impressed. I might need to revisit it on 3S after seeing how good these props are on this build! Check the ChopShop channel for a build video and a better flight at the field. 😆

Flight on the field:

Build video:

Crazepony-Power’s Eachine Roarer 120 frame:

RunCam Micro Swift CCD cam: http://amzn.to/2ziSLNQ

Emax 1106 6000kv motors:

Or get the motors here: http://amzn.to/2igM2Je

Emax F3 Magnum Mini Tower: http://emax-usa.com/emax-f3-magnum-mini-fpv-tower-system/

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