KOH YAO YAI // Thailand FPV

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KOH YAO YAI // Thailand FPV

I went to Koh Yao Yai Thailand for my 10 year anniversary and got to do some flying on the small island. Some amazing flying spots but man the humidity was brutal. There were times when I had to cancel a session because my commanders would simply not un-fog. Hope you guys enjoy!

song – https://www.youtube.com/embed/uryVw968ZMM

Rig –

– Hyperlow Unibody Freestyle
– CL F4 / RMRC bobbins
– Emax LS2207 2400
– Emax 35a Pro
– HQ 5043×3
– Bonka Ultralight 1500
– Runcam Micro Swift
– TBS Unify Race
– TBS Micro RX / Immortal T antenna
– Emax Pagoda
– Brain3d session mount
– Thrust-UAV Lipo Strap

Radio –

– FrSky Q X7
– M7 gimals
– Star Power stick ends
– Aloft 2600mah
– Aloft charger kit
– TBS crossfire micro

Goggles –

– Aomway Commander
– VAS crosshair
– Emax Pagoda (long)
– Pirofliprc goggle pack

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