Wingsland M5 Brushless GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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Wingsland M5 Brushless GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This sporty GPS camera drone includes advanced sensors such as GPS, optical flow, and dual acoustic altitude sensors. Has circle position, and intelligent flight modes of course lock and home lock. And it even has a camera too! Find it here
Advanced R6 flight controller includes built-in WiFi repeater/amplifier. This allows long range digital FPV flying using your smartphone as viewscreen.

– Real time and long range FPV video can be viewed via your smartphone using the Wingsland M5 app available on Google Play here or iTunes here If you have issues with this app, close any other unimportant apps that may be running in the background.
– Advanced positioning sensors include GPS, optical flow, and dual acoustic.
– 720p camera. I know what you’re thinking, but as seen in the video, its imaging is very good for its resolution.
– Circle position mode (sorry that I didn’t have time to demonstrate it in this video).
– Also has automatic loss of signal or command initiated return to home and landing.
– Also has intelligent flight modes of course lock (headless mode), and home lock. Home lock is unique in that no matter what direction the quadcopter is pointed, pulling back on the pitch/roll stick will always bring the quadcopter back to its takeoff point (and pushing forward the opposite).
– Can be quite a sporty flier for a GPS quadcopter.
– Long landing gear legs lessen the chance of hitting high grass or objects on landing.

– The camera is angled downward (why oh why do some drone companies do this?). Thus when flying forward you’ll see lots of ground. You will need to hover and rotate, or fly backwards to see the horizon.
– Big 3S 1850mah battery. But it only seems to give under 10 minutes flight time. Maybe hovering flight only will increase flight time to advertised 17 minutes?
– Mine came with Chinese manuals only. Hopefully this will be corrected soon. But if not, watch my video to help get you in the air. You can also install Google Translate on your phone. With translate you can use your phone’s camera to translate and view the manual in your own language.

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